[OpenAFS] Openafs 1.2.5/Linux 2.4.18 problem (dd bs>1500kb)

Valentin v. Seggern vvs@germanistik.fu-berlin.de
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 11:57:57 +0200

++ 19/07/02 18:11 -0400 - Steven N. Hirsch:
>Do you have the client cache in an ext3 filesystem?  I have noticed some 
>very random and hard-to-reproduce strangeness with this combination - 
>usually taking the form of processes stuck in 'D' or 'S' states.  Once I 
>removed the has_journal flag and remounted as ext2, all the problems 

No. I use Memcache. And in any case ext3 is not deployed here at
all. I'll investigate more in this strangeness today.


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