[OpenAFS] Auto Reply from Watch_Mail for 26-JUL-2002 18:00 to 19-AUG-2002 00:00

Jean-Pierre Vorlet Jean-Pierre.Vorlet@unifr.ch
Sat, 27 Jul 2002 18:22:03 MET_DST

  Dear e-mail correspondent,

  I am out of the office until Monday the 19th of August, 2002
  so please do not expect any reply to your e-mail until then. 
  Your mail is being saved and will be read by me either
  remotely or after my return.

  If you have problems that require immediate response,
  please contact:

     VMS:     BinhDuyet.Cung@unifr.ch   or Phone: 300 7212
     Unix:    Hans-Peter.Zahno@unifr.ch           300 7207

  Thanks for your patience!
Jean-Pierre Vorlet   Jean-Pierre.Vorlet@unifr.ch       026/3007218
 System Manager      University of Fribourg            Switzerland