[OpenAFS] Trouble installing AFS

Chris Snyder csnyder@mvpsoft.com
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 19:45:12 -0400

I've been working on installing OpenAFS on a server locally, and have 
run into trouble.  I've gotten all the way through setting up the 
server, and am trying to run the following command:

/usr/afs/bin/fs mkmount /afs/.mvpsoft.internal root.cell -rw

(mvpsoft.internal is the name of the cell, and also our internal domain 
name, that does not need to be globally routable)

This returns the following output:

fs:'/afs/.mvpsoft.internal': Stale NFS file handle

I was also having problems getting a directory listing of the /afs 
directory, getting the same error message, but that went away when I 
restarted afs.

Any idea what would be going on here?  I searched for this issue, and 
came up with a few similar cases, all of which did not have solutions 
posted.  Thanks in advance for any help.