[OpenAFS] client/server-machines

Ian Delahorne ian@assv.net
26 Sep 2002 11:12:42 +0200

Felix Matschke <matschke.felix@gmx.de> writes:

> 2) Sometimes the Windows DOES hang. Are frequently hanging
> server-machines a bigger problem for the cell? One machine is an
> very frequently disconnected laptop. Should this machine be only a
> client?

Make all clients just that: clients. Have a bunch (3 or so) central
servers that take care of the data store). 

If a server with a volume goes down, the volume is inaccessible
(unless there's a replicated copy on another server, and you don't
want to replicate homedirs)

> 3) The idea of making EVERY machine a server comes from the fact of
> working locally most of the time and being able to backup with the
> automatic routines. Intelligent or problem-prone?

Having all the volumes centrally makes backup easier. The whole point
is to have as little data locally as possible (enough to boot the
system) and have the rest in AFS. You don't notice the difference
between local disk and AFS space with fast networks (100 Mbps).

/Ian D
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