[OpenAFS] Win2k problem

Todd DeSantis atd@us.ibm.com
Tue, 5 Aug 2003 10:09:23 -0400

Hi -

On the AFS client on the PCs, it may try using port 750 or port 88 for the
AFS authentication.  Again, it depends on the /etc/system equivalent files
on the PC.

And your kaserver machines must be also listening to ports 750 and 88,
again depending on the ports that your PCs want to use.

Check the AuthLog on your kaserver machines to see which additional
ports it is listening on.

And you might also want to make sure the /etc/services file on the kaserver
machines have definitions like

kerberos5         88/udp
kerberos5         88/tcp
kerberos4         750/udp
kerberos4         750/tcp

If you have to change the /etc/services file, then you must restart the
process on the machine.

The problem may well be any firewalls you have running, but making sure the
PCs and kaserver are using the same ports for kerberos authentication is