[OpenAFS] aklog gets wrong realm?

Andrew Leahy aleahy@knox.edu
Tue, 26 Aug 2003 14:17:28 -0500

Ken Hornstein wrote:
>>[aleahy@huygens ~]$ aklog -d
>>Authenticating to cell knox.edu (server gregory.lab.knet.edu).
> aklog uses Kerberos 5 API call to determine the Kerberos realm of the AFS
> cell.  So for some reason, your Kerberos 5 configuration on that box
> thinks that the machine "gregory.lab.knet.edu" is in the realm LAB.KNET.EDU.
> Maybe a missing entry in your krb5.conf domain_realm stanza?

Thanks.  That fixed it.  Interestingly, the domain_realm stanza is empty 
on the redhat 7.3 system as well, but it seems to work there.

Andrew Leahy

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