[OpenAFS] OpenAFS 1.3.50 on AIX 5.1 - incorrect password

Michael Niksch nik@zurich.ibm.com
Mon, 15 Dec 2003 23:37:03 +0100

I have successfully compiled OpenAFS 1.3.50 on AIX 5.1 ML 05 using vac.C At least the client seems to be working, and I can make use of 
a token installed via SSH AFSTokenPassing.

However, all 'klog', 'kas', 'kpasswd', as well as authentication via 
/usr/vice/etc/afs_dynamic_auth are failing, and insist that my password 
is incorrect. The problem persists for different userids and cells.

Authentication is against an OpenAFS 1.2.10 kaserver and works from all 
other OpenAFS and IBM AFS clients. Using a klog executable from IBM AFS 
3.6 2.50 on the OpenAFS 1.3.50 client, I can also obtain a new token.

Any ideas what might be wrong with password handling? Changes to the 
strng_to_key function or alike?

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