[OpenAFS] openafs and kernel upgrade

mimo mimo2@free.fr
Tue, 16 Dec 2003 15:49:17 +0100

   I've installed openafs as a client on a fedora (i.e. I've used the 3
following rpm's : openafs, openafs-kernel and openafs-client).
Everything was working as expected, but then I've upgraded my kernel
(via up2date), and afs complains now that it can't find a module.
   I've searched the web, and was not able to find an openafs tutorial
explaining the basics of openafs (for a basic user) :
  - what are the minimum set of rpm to instal for a client
  - what should we do in case of upgrade, how to build this missing
     Thanks for any help, or a link to a simple tutorial