[OpenAFS] Running AFS client on Linux chrooted

James E. Dobson James.E.Dobson@Dartmouth.EDU
18 Dec 2003 09:53:45 EST

> Does anybody know of a way how to run two OpenAFS clients (afsd) 
> on one machine? On Debian server, I need to run a "traditional" 
> client, mounted on /afs and an additional one, in chrooted SSHD 
> environment, somewhere in /var/chroot/sshd/afs. Is this possible 
> somehow? Any examples? Thank you.

Make /var/chroot/sshd a link to a volume in AFS (or chroot to /afs/...)=
. Mount your root.afs again as afs within this volume. Writable stuff s=
hould be outside of AFS (use links back to local FS)