[OpenAFS] Windows cache rehashed...

Rob Murawski rsm4@ieee.org
Mon, 22 Dec 2003 13:55:19 -0500

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> 3.  The historical operational service name is changed from 
> "IBM AFS Client" to "OpenAFS Client Service".

No, actually, it didn't.  The DISPLAY name of the service changed as you
mentioned, but the service itself still has the same name it always had:
"TransarcAFSDaemon" for the client and "TransarcAFSServer" for the BOS
control service.  Since this isn't IBM's version, it's probably good it
changed.  Technically, we should probably change the service name since
Transarc doesn't make this version, either, but this is referenced in far
too many places to do this easily.  Additionally, some people may have other
software that references the service name.

> 4.  The historical software directory tree has been relocated 
> to "c:\Program Files\OpenAFS" instead of "c:\program files\IBM\AFS".

The default install location changed.  You can change it to any other
location if you like.  And if you do an upgrade, it is supposed to install
in the same location where the previous version was installed.

> 5.  The installer has changed (expected from what I've been 
> reading in this list).

Yes, it has.  And it is still changing as 1.3.x develops...

I would imagine there are a number of other changes as well, but I have lost