[OpenAFS] Re: SuSe 9.0 &Heimdal.6

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Mon, 29 Dec 2003 08:10:21 -0800

There are a number of security index 2 calls being made successfully =
init of the client and server.

The observed ABORT errors clearly indicate that the problem is intra-AFS
caused by an incorrect Kerberos setup of /etc/openafs/server/KeyFile.

But it that's the case no security index 2 calls should work?

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On Sun, 28 Dec 2003, ted creedon wrote:

> Is it possible that AFS thinks I'm different user than admin?

not likely.

> I'm going to compile openafs on a clean machine.

your problem is your kerberos setup. 100:1 this doesn't help unless you
also try to set it up there and do right whatever you messed up setting =
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