[OpenAFS] AFS on RHEL 3 RPMs

Alexander Bostrom abo@kth.se
Fri, 26 Dec 2003 12:35:11 +0100

David Chait wrote:

> All,
>     Does anyone have an "Iron clad" way of building/compiling AFS 
> against a RHEL kernel? I have managed to get the SRPM to build by 
> modifying it only to build for the i686 platform, however the kernel 
> module still returns the following whenever I attempt to initiate it:

> Did not find matching module in SymTable
> Failed to load AFS client, not starting AFS services.

I just built openafs-1.2.10-rh9.0.1.src.rpm on a machine running kernel 
2.4.20-24_31.rh9.at (google: atrpms). I had to disable krb5support to 
make it build (probably because I have KTHKRB/Heimdal installed) and I 
had to do

 cd /usr/vice/etc/modload
 ln -s libafs-2.4.20-24_31.rh9.at-athlon.o libafs-2.4.20-24_31.rh9.at.o

to make it find the kernel module. I suppose that's bug...