[OpenAFS] Cannot map drives on Windows 2000 SP2

Peter J. Nicol openafs@vrl.com.au
Mon, 6 Jan 2003 01:00:51 +0800

Well, after much mucking around and random play, I have my client starting.

Previously, I had a lot of difficulty getting it all to start.  I loaded loopback
drivers, edited registry settings, played around with routing and protocols.
Eventually, it worked, and I logged in to the Openafs.org server and had a look
around, opened some files and it was all good. [via PPP]

Then it all stopped working.

Now, I can start the client with no probs.  Have unloaded loopback drivers and got
rid of all unusual settings, but get this error when trying to map a drive in the
gui thingy:

"AFS was unable to map the network drive to the specified path in AFS.  Check to
make sure the drive letter is not currently in use.

Error: 0x0012F11C."