[OpenAFS] AFS volume info

Paul Blackburn mpb@est.ibm.com
Tue, 07 Jan 2003 13:11:56 +0000

Simone Sestini wrote:

> Hi all..
> I have installed a first AFS server.
> On this server i have create 3 vicepxx partition..

Congratulazioni!        Benvenuto /afs/ !

> Each partion is 500Gb.. I have configured only a cell using the 
> /vicepa partition.
> How can i do for  add the other 2 partitions /vicepb and /vicepc.
> Is it possible to add the space to the existing cell without lose any 
> data on it ? or i could add a new cell to my server and configure the 
> new partition to this new cell ?

Normally, you just create and mount a new local filesystem: "/vicep?"
as per your normal operating system commands then restart the fileserver 

For example, in AIX:
first check you have enough freespace in rootvg then:
crfs -vjfs -grootvg -asize=1048576000 -amount=true -prw -Ayes -m /vicepb
mount /vicepb

You can check what partitions are known to your fileserver with:
   "vos partinfo $server"
(where $server is the DNS hostname or IP address of your new server)

If you do not see the new partition listed, then you need to
restart your fileserver process:
    "bos restart $server -i fs".
Then do the "vos partinfo $server" again.

BTW: you don't "lose data" in AFS unless you delete it. :-)

One of the really good features in AFS is the ability to
grow resources in the cell dynamically with little or no
impact on users. Eg: you can add a complete new fileserver
and move data to it without users even realizing the new
server is there.

> Another question..
> I need to configure another server.. this new server have to be the 
> TOTAL BACKUP of the first one.. I'll configure the system to have the 
> same partition configuration and all but how can i configure the afs 
> on the fisrt and second server to exchange the complete datas ?

I would recommend the following for high availability:
a) Configure three dedicated AFS database servers
b) Configure one or more dedicated AFS fileservers

Be careful about choosing IP addresses for the DB servers.
These addresses need to be unchanging for as long as possible
because it is a pain to change the IP addresses of your AFS DB servers.

For a "total backup" of your AFS server, use whatever
system backup facility is available in the operating system.
For example: in AIX you can use "mksysb" to "snapshot"
everything in the rootvg to tape.

> Thanks for any reply..

You are most welcome.

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