[OpenAFS] "afs" and "admin" entries disappear from kaserver

Brian Sebby sebby@anl.gov
Wed, 8 Jan 2003 23:23:37 -0600

I'm setting up a small AFS cell to teach some people about how AFS works,
and today we ran into a fairly bizarre problem.

The systems involved are Linux servers, and we're using the stock kaserver,
etc.  I haven't done anything with v5 to keep things simple since this cell
isn't going into production.

After setting up the first machine as a database and file server, everything
seemed to be working ok.  We added a second db/file server, and again, it
mounted AFS and everything looked like it was going smoothly.  We did the
same steps on the third server (copying over the contents of /usr/afs/etc,
etc.) and again could mount AFS.

Then we noticed something bizarre.  When we tried to authenticate as admin,
we got an error message that the "user does not exist".  I looked in kas,
but couldn't get a listing of the users because I didn't have authorization.
Looking in the protection database indicated that admin still existed there,
with an AFS ID of 1.  I finally shut down the servers and started bosserver
in -noauth mode and did a kas list, and the only things that came back were:


Any ideas what might have happened?  Could one of the other servers have
overwritten the database when syncing with it?  What can I do to recover
from this?  Any help would be appreciated.


Brian Sebby

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