[OpenAFS] vos create fails with No Permission error

Christopher Arnold chris@pictage.com
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 14:38:34 -0800

server: version 1.2.7-rh7.3.1

We have a cell in which the only way we can do a vos create successfully
is using -localauth locally on one of the two servers.  If we try to simply
log in as admin from a client in the cell and perform a vos create we get
an error like this:

vos create test-pc03.pictage.com.ar /vicepa scan.0020 -cell
test.pictage.com.ar -verbose

Could not get an Id for volume scan.0020
VLDB: no permission access for call
Error in vos create command.
VLDB: no permission access for call

Just wanted to know if there was something I might be overlooking...
The admin user appears to be set up correctly in pts/kas and checksums
match.  (ADMIN) flags are set.  

Christopher Arnold
System Administrator
Pictage, Inc.