[OpenAFS] Making read locks mutually exclusive

Peter Schuller peter.schuller@infidyne.com
22 Jan 2003 21:03:43 +0100

> Yuck. Read locks are not exclusive, by definition. You'll probably cause
> lots more problems by making read locks exclusive then you'll solve. 

I suppose. I realized after posting that there were a whole slew of
situations where it might cause problems.

> Word is probably doing a byte-range lock on the file, which is not
> supported by the afs servers. Support could be added to the clients for
> byte range locks, but has not yet been developed. 

So I gather.

Is there any userland solution that is popular? Or is the usual solution
to just go ahead and instruct users of the problem, taking the hits
should they happen?

/ Peter Schuller, InfiDyne Technologies HB

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