[OpenAFS] building on Power Mac

Ryan Underwood nemesis-lists@icequake.net
Fri, 24 Jan 2003 14:29:25 +0000


I built the OpenAFS module on a Power Mac running Debian woody with a 2.4.18-powerpc
Debian kernel.

# insmod ./openafs.o 
./openafs.o: unresolved symbol sock_sendmsg_R69d00f35
./openafs.o: unresolved symbol sock_release_R4e4c3f75
./openafs.o: unresolved symbol sock_create_R06b1e21d
./openafs.o: unresolved symbol sock_recvmsg_Rc9e943a7
Hint: You are trying to load a module without a GPL compatible license
      and it has unresolved symbols.  Contact the module supplier for
      assistance, only they can help you.

Any ideas?  depmod complains about the same thing, some unresolved symbols
in openafs.o.  Has anyone built this on Debian/PowerPC?

Ryan Underwood, <nemesis at icequake.net>, icq=10317253