[OpenAFS] Problems in the last 2 days

Klaas Hagemann kerberos@northsailor.de
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 09:35:45 +0100


i had lots of problems with my file-servers in the past few days and 
posted a lot of, lets say not very "usefull" messages or #bullshit#.

Sorry for that and thanks to everyone who tried to help me.

No i thing i can discribe the error a bit better:

Bevor thursday i had 2 Management-Server and 1 Fileserver. The 
Management Server only hostet read-only replicas for the subddirectorys. 
All the Volumes for the home-directories (20000) were at the one 
fileserver. The system was running very stable with this configuration.

Thursday evening i moved ca.500 Volumes with User Home Directories to 
another, new Fileserver using the vos move command.
After that i got lots of problems with the processes on my fileserver.

First i used the pthread fileserver. There the fileserver-processes 
simply stopped working from time to time, so that the volumes were not 
reachable any more.
The volserver kept working, so that "vos examine >volume<" gives a 
successfull return. The System could not be shutdown any more and the 
processes had to be killed by hand.

Than i switched over to the PWD fileserver. There the fileserver process 
itself works fine, but after 5-6 hours the kernel was not able to 
allocate any more memory. So the whole system crashed and had to be 
rebooted over the "reset-button".
Another error was that the volserver stopped working but the fileserver 
were still running. So "vos examine >volume<" delievered a failure but 
the volume still was reachable.

Then i moved the whole volumes back to the first file server and now 
everything works stable again. I am very sure to be able to reproduce 
this error, because nothing else happend on the network.

What may cause this problem?
I thought of problems in the synchronization of the 2 database 
management servers, are there any known problems when moving lots of 

Please let me know if you need any further information.
I use openafs-1.2.7 on suse linux 7.3, /vicepa is on ext3 with lvm.