[OpenAFS] Errors: Fileserver freezes, Volumes contains orphans

Rubino Geiß kb44@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de
Thu, 30 Jan 2003 13:14:50 +0100


Klaas Hagemann reported some problems with dying fileservers. I’ve the sad
duty to report another, jet different incident.

This morning one of our fileservers (OpenAFS 1.2.8, rh8.0) stopped serving
files. Doing bos status, ping, rxdebug and looking at the log files at most
everything seemed to be ok. Only the BosLog showed constantly restarting
file / salv processes.

We have seen these 2 months ago on the same machine with the same cure:
reboot. Afterwards everything seemed to be fine the last time, but… this
time we got 4 – 4000 orphaned files and dirs in 6 out of 100 homedirs on
that server! One uses was logged in as the incident happened the others

Last time we salvaged our cell by routine we had another homedir with quite
a lot orphans (this one on another server). The only common thing all orphan
generating homedirs got is: heavy usage…

Can anybody tell us how to get rid of these nasty features ;)

Thank you in advance, Ruby

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