[OpenAFS] humungous disk caches

Bryan Bayerdorffer bryan.bayerdorffer@spd.analog.com
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 14:03:24 -0600

Derrick J Brashear wrote:
>>How about ext3?  Does the journaling get in the way at all?  Is ext2 the only
>>safe option?
> ext3 is fine.
> reiserfs will blow up now, or later.

Ok, ext3 it is.  So what's the practical upper limit on the size of the disk 
cache?  Switching to ext3 didn't affect the apparent 16GB limit, beyond which 
the first access to /afs will hang.  Nothing in the kernel log. I haven't yet 
straced, but I will if there isn't an easy answer to this.

Our apps are characterized by very large files that are read often and modified 
only rarely, so I'd like to see if a large disk cache (128GB) will improve 

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