[OpenAFS] Supported Platforms

Love lha@stacken.kth.se
Sun, 16 Mar 2003 23:43:46 +0100

"Henry B. Hotz" <hotz@jpl.nasa.gov> writes:

>>To: "Henry B. Hotz" <hotz@jpl.nasa.gov>
>>Cc: openafs-info@openafs.org
>>Subject: Re: [OpenAFS] Supported Platforms
>>From: Love <lha@stacken.kth.se>
>>Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 10:35:54 +0100
>>"Henry B. Hotz" <hotz@jpl.nasa.gov> writes:
>>>  What platforms are supported?
>>>  I just naively tried to compile on a NetBSD/macppc machine and
>>>  configure didn't know what afs-sysid to use.  config.guess correctly
>>  > identifies the machine as powerpc-apple-netbsdelf1.6L.  Should I
>                               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> s/macppc/powerpc/

Someone else told be before and Jim Rees commited the updated patch. So if
you try head of openafs current again it might work...