[OpenAFS] Troubles changing keys

Frederic Gilbert Frederic.Gilbert@inria.fr
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 11:19:19 +0100


We have troubles here when changing the AFS encryption keys.

For those who remember, I already mailed on Feb. 2 about fileserver
processes sometimes becoming stuck in thread semaphor/signaling routines
on our Solaris servers (Sol. 2.6, OpenAFS 1.2.7).

We found out that the same symptoms happen systematically when we change
the AFS encryption keys on our servers -- no kerberos here (yet), and of
course we change it on all servers with "bos addkey", then change the
afs account password with "kas setpassword", all being done in less than
2 minutes.

Then all of our 5 Solaris servers, 3 DB and 2 FS, show the "stuck
fileserver" problem in a matter of minutes, and we have to do a "bos
restart fs" on them.

The "stuck fileserver" problem is to be explored by Derrick Brashear
with a core we provided, but I wanted to know if anybody encountered
problems while changing keys, which should be an innocuous operation. By
the way, how frequently do people here change their keys?

Frederic Gilbert.