[OpenAFS] AFS server and VMWare ESX

Matthew N. Andrews matt@slackers.net
Wed, 26 Mar 2003 13:14:32 -0800

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On a related note, I seem to remember someone talking about getting AFS to
work under usermode linux. has anyone done this? this might give slightly
better performance than vmware would.

- -Matthew Andrews

Neulinger, Nathan wrote:
> I don't really see much benefit to running more than one afs server per
> physical machine during normal operations, except if you want to have 3
> DB servers running right now, without having to worry about ip changes
> later. (i.e. run three virtual db servers so that when you DO have real
> hardware, you can easily move a db server to real hardware without any
> client changes.)
> Since you can move volumes around at will, running the extra servers
> will just cost you performance most likely.
> Other than that - should work fine, although you'd probably see better
> performance running the fileserver directly on the native hardware.
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