[OpenAFS] rsync on afs-client

Klaas Hagemann kerberos@northsailor.de
Fri, 28 Mar 2003 16:36:41 +0100

Neulinger, Nathan schrieb:
> Or just use vos dump. It's pretty easy to build any sort of backup
> system around vos dumps with incremental and full dumps. 

I tried several methods for our backup-system.

we have a decentral afs-system with several file servers. the amount of 
files will grow up to 2-3 TB in the next 2 years, i would say.
We have got backup-systems and a san infrastructure in our central 
enviroment. This one is protected by a DMZ with the rest of our network.

So my idea was to create the backup on a server in the DMZ and send it 
via rsync or ssh or whatever to the central system. I do not want to 
have afs components in the central.
Unforunatly we only have Intel Itanium servers in the dmz and i was not 
able to start any afs server process on these systems (bosserver stops 
working when i try to start a fileserver). So i thought of just having 
an afs client over there and to do the backup-system using the afs 
client. Then we can also do some virus checking at this point.

Can i extract a dump created with "vos dump" to a local file system? 
Then i could make "vos dump" on all my volumes and extract them without 
having afs server prozesses.

We do not need to backup any ACLs, because we do not do any special with 
   them (just acl for the user on his home directory and some group 
directorys, but users are not allowed to set ACL themselves).

We already discussed this point with backup here a while ago, but my 
probem is that  the rest of our system (central services, 
backup-systems) are not designed to work with afs.
So i need any sort of files or dumps which i can save to the tapes and 
which are very simple to recreate from them. And then we have the need 
of the virus detection.

So i agree that rsync was a bad idea, but i do not have any other idea 
up to now.

I tested a bit with vos dump | vos restore for being able to always do 
full dumps without needing to transfer the whole data over the network. 
But then i would need the whole file capacity twice or i need a "proxy 
volume". Well, I could do the following so that i would not need this 
amount of disk space:
- vos restore backupserver a backupvoleme dump_of_volume
- vos dump -incremental volume | vos restore backupserver a backupvolume 
- vos dump backupvolume dump_of_volume
- vos remove backupvolume

Then i could save the backupvolume every time as a full dump on the tape.
but doing this operation with 20000 volumes will take a long time, at 
least more than one day so that i am not able to do daily backups.
I also need some database functions to manage the time stamps.
And there is still the problem with the virus detection...

So you see i am trying out a lot, but nothing really fits to our 
enviroment or works really good.

But thanks for your help and patience and any other hint or help is 

  -- Nathan
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>> > Rsync only transfers the incremental changes, does the 
>>afs-client also
>> > only load these changes over the network?
>> > or is every file that is checked by rsync transferred 
>>totally over the
>> > network to the afs cache?
>>The client cache will request complete files from the 
>>fileserver.  rsync 
>>will then have to examine the file itself and determine what an 
>>'incremental change' is.
>> > We are still not sure how to do backup, our next idea is to take an
>> > afs
>> > client and to rsync the whole afs directory tree.
>>This is not an acceptable method.  AFS backup preserves ACLs, 
>>rsync does 
>>not.  Your solution will require one full backup for each day of the 
>>week.  How else do you propose to do a restore if some files have 
>>changed but others have not?  Learn how to use the AFS backup 
>>system, it 
>>is simple enough to get a basic backup schedule in place.  If 
>>you have 
>>more specific questions ask them here, or read the AFS 
>>Adminitrators Guide.
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