[OpenAFS] AFS Workshop at LISA '03

Garry Zacheiss zacheiss@MIT.EDU
Wed, 03 Sep 2003 21:53:07 -0400

The AFS Workshops bring together administrators and programmers of
OpenAFS and Arla to discuss development and progress of software that is
growing both in use and usability.

The next AFS workshop will take place at LISA '03, being held in San
Diego.  LISA will run from October 26th through 31st.  The AFS workshop
itself will be held on Sunday, October 26th.

The primary focus of the LISA AFS workshop is on issues facing AFS
administrators.  Discussion of and questions about AFS development
topics are also welcome.

Previous AFS Workshops have covered such topics as various methods of
authentication, Multi-Resident AFS [MR-AFS], backups, client stability
and configuration, replacing ubik, contributed tools, as well as future
work on OpenAFS and Arla.  As some of the key players in both OpenAFS
and Arla attend the Workshops, these discussions can and do affect the
course of development.

To apply to attend the AFS Workshop, send email to afs-workshop@psc.edu.
Your email must contain at least one of:

       - A proposal for a short talk to present about work done, in
         progress, or being considered
       - A list of topics you would like to be
         discussed, time permitting

See http://www.psc.edu/~ecf/afs-workshop/ for further details and updates.