[OpenAFS] AFS Workshop at LISA '03

Esther Filderman ecf@psc.edu
Thu, 04 Sep 2003 10:34:01 -0400

joseph@ctcgsc.org sez:

   For those unable to attend, will there be notes/minutes of the workshop
   made available on-line anywhere?  Are there such available for these
   previous workshops?
Yes, see the link that was provided [http://www.psc.edu/~ecf/afs-workshop/].

   PS: The link you provided appears to be broken, currently.

The PSC's main machine room was hit by a catastrophic power failure
last night.  Yes, the servers were on UPS.  It didn't help.  Don't get
me started.  Anyway, the link should be functioning fine now.  My
brain, on the other hand...

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