[OpenAFS] FIX: broken hyperlinks to MS docs on AFS

Noel Burton-Krahn noel@bkbox.com
Mon, 8 Sep 2003 10:18:22 -0700

Yes, my loopback has a static IP:  I thought that
was funny, but it worked.  I originally tried adding this to my lmhosts noel-afs #pre

but worked just as well, and I didn't have to guess at the
loopback IP noel-afs #pre

Thanks for your loopback link, but it looks a little scary.  I thought
calling rundll on Ben Creech's loopback installer
(http://www.eos.ncsu.edu/wolfcall/loopback/) looked pretty good.  Doesn't it
work for your automated installs?


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> --On Monday, September 08, 2003 08:43:49 -0700 Noel Burton-Krahn
> <noel@bkbox.com> wrote:
> > I'm running a MS Loopback Adapter and OpenAFS client 1.2.10.
> Does your loopback adapter have a static IP address? if not, it will have
> to time out DHCP before being given an autonet (169.254.x.x.) address. the
> "Loopback adapter" is _not_ where is implemented. is
> not associated with any interface, it's hardcoded into the tcpip stack.
> > Jeffrey, I've been meaning to redo the OpenAFS install as an MSI with
> > loopback adapter and some other bug fixes like this one.  Do you know
> > anyone else going down that path?
> I currently have an MSI installer that CMU is using internally.
> Constructing the MSI is currently not automated, since I'm using Visual
> Studio to produce a base MSI, and then patching it using MSITran (from the
> platform SDK) to add functionality that Visual Studio is not yet capable
> dealing with. (win32 service setup, setting up the afscreds start-menu
> the way I want it to. something else I'm forgetting). Additionally, the
> patching process is fragile. Sometimes the VS generated file will be too
> different from a previous run and the patch will fail to apply, which will
> require that the changes be redone from scratch.
> My current loopback-management code is very different from anyone else's.
> It:
> 1) identifies the loopback adapter to bind to by putting the interface's
> GUID into the TransarcAfsDaemon services' Parameter key, rather than
> MAC matching, which turns out not to work in all cases.
> 2) does the adapter install/uninstall from within afsd_service. I ended up
> doing this because nothing else that I tried worked when my MSI was
> installed non-interactively on domain machines using GPO. The hideous code
> that does this can be found at
> http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~cg2v/afsd_loop.c if anyone wants to
> at it, but I do not recommend that anyone use it.
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