[OpenAFS] pts problem

Tim C. tim@umbc.edu
Tue, 9 Sep 2003 15:47:01 -0400 (EDT)

  I've got a weird entry in our pt database, where it doesn't resolve
correctly.  I used to be able to fix this when our database servers were
running transarc, but it doesn't currently seem to work.  Below it out
from everything I have.

This is looking at the pt database as a client:

(3:43pm)tim@magic<~>pts examine ceduc369
pts: User or group doesn't exist so couldn't look up id for ceduc369
(3:43pm)tim@magic<~>ypm ceduc369
(3:43pm)tim@magic<~>pts examine 32766
(3:43pm)tim@magic<~>pts examine 234324
pts: User or group doesn't exist ; unable to find entry for (id: 234324)

  Note that the "pts examine 32766" doesn't even return an error.

Now what I used to do is run "ptclient 2" on the database server which
was labeled as the master.  I've attempted to run it on the master, and
also on every one of them, and here is what happens.  I built this
binary from the same version source that the server is running.

(3:32pm)Root@db1<~>ptclient 2
Using CellServDB file in /usr/vice/etc
pr> fih ceduc369
Warning: Id hash for ceduc369 (id 32766) seems correct at the db;
rehashing it anyway
Failed to update entry ceduc369 (err=267269)

  I've never seen the "Failed to update entry..." error before, and
neither has one of my colleages familiar with afs.  This action used to
work on transarc, so I'm curious as to what has changed, and how do I
fix this?  I really just need that entry out of there so I can recreate
it correctly(or just fix it).


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