[OpenAFS] IBM AFS version 3.6 - System crashes when I write to AFS FS

Padiyath Sreekumar kumar.padiyath@psi.ch
Fri, 12 Sep 2003 16:07:49 +0200

  I have installed AFS client on a number of Tru64 machines
  with OS 5.1A which works without any problems. Now I have
  installed the same version of AFS on a Tru64 machine with OS V5.1B
  with the latest patches. But when try to login
   with my username(my home directory in AFS) or try to write
  something in AFS directory the machine crashes crating a crashdump
  and sending me the following mail:

     ======================= Binary Error Log event =======================
EVM event name: sys.unix.binlog.op.panic._savecore.True

     Binary error log events are posted through the binlogd daemon, and
     stored in the binary error log file, /var/adm/binary.errlog.  This
     event is posted by kernel components as part of the system panic

     Action: Contact your service provider.


Formatted Message:
     System panic: panic (cpu 0): ubc_page_release: page not busy

Event Data Items:
     Event Name        : sys.unix.binlog.op.panic._savecore.True
     Priority          : 700
     PID               : 439
     PPID              : 1
     Event Id          : 45
     Timestamp         : 12-Sep-2003 15:11:55
     Host IP address   :
     Host Name         : psw285
     User Name         : root
     Format            : System panic: $message
     Reference         : cat:evmexp.cat:300

Variable Items:
     subid_class (INT32) = 302
     message (STRING) = "panic (cpu 0): ubc_page_release: page not busy"
     binlog_event (OPAQUE) = [OPAQUE VALUE: 120 bytes]
     _savecore (BOOLEAN) = True

============================ Translation =============================
binlogshow: DECevent handshake protocol error

   Has anyone having this problem?
   Please send the reply in my E-mail address:kumar.padiyath@psi.ch

    Thanks in advance,

Sreekumar Padiyath
System Manager
UNIX systems
Paul Scherrer Institute
CH-5232 Villigen