[OpenAFS] afs as backend for webdrive-ish system?

Noel Burton-Krahn noel@bkbox.com
Fri, 26 Sep 2003 12:34:41 -0700

I use OpenAFS as a back end for apache's mod_dav.  Is that what you had in
mind?  DAV is a nice alternative to installing the whole OpenAFS client.

DAV has the same functionality as FTP, but it can be secured over HTTPS.
The only problem with WebDAV is that it can't tell the difference between
running a script and fetching the script contents.  If you open myscript.cgi
under mod_dav, it will execute the CGI rather that returning the CGI

I had to modify the mod_dav module not to choke on AFS permissions.

I also added a module to Apache to cache AFS tokens for browser sessions.
When a user hits an AFS directory for which they have no permissions, they
get a login screen.  After they log in to the browser, it reuses the user's
AFS tokens for future requests.  This Apache AFS authenitcation module works
for fetching files, images, and scripts.  It's nice to use the file system
for permission rather than .htaccess files.


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> anyone using afs as a backend for a webdrive/idrive-type system? if you're
> using freely available software for the web part, what are you using, and
> do you like it?
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