[OpenAFS] Client hangs periodically

Cajus Pollmeier c.pollmeier@gmx.net
Mon, 29 Sep 2003 13:37:58 +0200


strange things are going on. I've tested openafs from one client in our local network. Everything
worked fine during three months. Now, I did some migration and moved the linux terminal server
from nfs-client to afs-client. Not that there are many people using their brand new afs based /home
(only about 15 currently), but I've the problem that there is no reaction from afsd about every two
hours. I've to reboot the terminalserver to get /afs back. (i.e. every access to /afs via commands
like ls, cd, etc. stall and are not interruptible via ctrl+c/d)

I'm using linux-2.4.20 (debian woody kernel sources) in addition to the debian openafs package
(1.2.3final2). The client is started with these parameters:

-stat 4000 -dcache 4000 -daemons 6 -volumes 256 -files 50000 -verbose -dynroot -afsdb

Ok. Back to the problem. I added "-verbose", but I can't find any log/info about problems with
afsd. The server can be reached from another client and is still serving files, so I guess
its a client problem.

I'm relatively new to openafs, so please forgive if I can't specify more detailed informations.
Where to find it? Server logs look normal to me, except BosLog showing up a "fs:scanner exited with code 2"
every two minutes. The client doesn't log anything afs related.

Are there ways to get more debugging information? Or hints on what is going wrong there?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...