[OpenAFS] Windows problem seeing files

John Koyle jkoyle@rfpdepot.com
Wed, 04 Aug 2004 09:59:22 -0600

Jeffrey Altman wrote:

> Can you see the new files after a "fs flushvolume <dir>"?
> Jeffrey Altman

Yes I can see new files after running this command.


> John Koyle wrote:
>> I have 2 XP systems that run periodic batch jobs where they watch a 
>> directory for a certain file types, and when found process them.  
>> They both use a simple reauth.pl perl script to maintain their 
>> tokens.  One is using client v1.3.63, the other is v1.3.66.
>> For some reason the system running v1.3.66 get's in a state (usually 
>> within 24 hours) where it can no longer see new files that appear in 
>> AFS.  It still has it's token, and can see and open existing files 
>> within AFS so the credentials must still be valid.
>> Restarting the perl script to obtain new tokens generally fixes the 
>> problem.  The box running v1.3.63 never has this issue and runs for 
>> months without trouble.
>> Is this a bug?  Any ideas how to get more useful information?
>> Thanks,
>> John
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