[OpenAFS] Windows XP and 1.3.70 problems

pll+afs@permabit.com pll+afs@permabit.com
Thu, 19 Aug 2004 10:33:42 -0400

I attempted to set an AFS volume mounted under XP as an Offline 
Folder.  When I disconnected to the network, everything seemed okay 
in that I seemed to be able to access all the directories under that 
volume, even though there was no network connection.  There were 
minor problems while trying to delete entire directory hierarchies 
and I received pop-up dialogues stating that I needed to be connected 
to the server for those operations.

When I reconnected to the network however, I was unable to obtain new 
tokens.  It complains, after taking my creds that:

  KTC_NOCM: The sservice, Transarc AFS Daemon, most likely is not started!
  (0xb50307) (ktc_GetToken() failed)

So, I clicked Ok, then cancel on the 'Obtain New Tokens' window and 
went to Advanced, which stated that 'The AFS Client Service is 
running normally.  So I stopped the service and restarted it thinking 
that might help.  No luck, trying to get new tokens still failed.
I brought up the KfW Leash and got K4 and K5 tickets, but no AFS 
tokens.  Then I went back and stopped/started the AFS services and 
once again tried to obtain new tokens.  No luck, same error.

Running 'tcpdump -lvvv src' on my AFS/K5 server 
( being the Windows XP client I'm testing with) I see the 
following when trying to get AFS tokens:

    tcpdump: listening on eth0
    10:29:47.296896 afs-client.permabit.com.2084 >   \
      never-talk-to-strangers.permabit.com.kerberos: \
      v5 (ttl 127, id 65117, len 218)
    10:29:47.401081 afs-client.permabit.com.2089 >   \
      never-talk-to-strangers.permabit.com.kerberos: \
      (ttl 127, id 65122, len 620)
    10:29:47.451056 afs-client.permabit.com.2092 >   \
      never-talk-to-strangers.permabit.com.kerberos: \
     (ttl 127, id 65125, len 606)
    10:29:58.472730 afs-client.permabit.com.2096 >   \
     never-talk-to-strangers.permabit.com.4444:      \
     udp 219 (ttl 127, id 65150, len 247)

Any ideas?


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