[OpenAFS] HELP! We 've lost our sync site

John Hascall john@iastate.edu
Sat, 10 Jan 2004 15:42:36 CST

> } > What are my odds of getting (patched) OpenAFS vlserver/ptserver
> } > to play nice with my Transarc/IBM AFS fileservers/clients?

> } As long as you're running a reasonably modern transarc install, there
> } should be no problems at all... i.e. don't mix a early 3.4 install with
> } OpenAFS, but if your transarc install is fairly modern, then there are
> } no real significant differences.
> } 
> } -- Nathan
>  I have just put the (patched) openafs-1.2.11 vlserver, buserver, 
>  kaserver, ptserver binaries in our DB servers' /usr/afs/bin, and restarted 
>  those server processes. This has fixed the ubik problem. Our DB servers
>  are Solaris 9, with a (now) mix of Transarc 3.6-2.50 and OpenAFS 1.2.11,
>  abd our fileservers are Solaris 8 Transarc AFS 3.6- 2.43.

   I have openafs vlserver and ptserver working (built from openafs-1.2.11
   source) on Tru64 4.0d.

   Still worried about the backup pgms though...