[OpenAFS] problems with the time sync site

Rogelio Bazán Reyes rogbazan@santander.com.mx
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 19:52:52 -0600

we are experiencing some problems with the synchronozation of the clocks 
of our three database servers. None of them  takes the sync site and 
when i tried to release a volume, the no quorum message appears.
Do you have any idea?
thanx a lot

Rogelio Bazán Reyes
Grupo Financiero Santander Serfín
Soporte Técnico
Tlalpan 3016. Col Espartaco
C.P. 04870
D.F., México 
Tel. +52 +55 51741100 ext.19321 
+52 +55 51741953