[OpenAFS] suse9/amd64 & 1.2.10 client

Marc Schmitt mschmitt@inf.ethz.ch
Thu, 15 Jan 2004 11:40:30 +0100

Derek Atkins wrote:

>Well, res_search can be in one of many libraries...  Look below, it
>tries libc and then three other libraries.  Normally on linux it's
>in -lresolv.
>Check the config.log for more information.
Thanks for the hint, I set up that simple test environment used by 
configure and compared the output on RH 7.3/i386 with the output on 
ELWS/x86_64. On i386, conftest.c compiles fine and ldd shows that it 
went for /lib/libresolv.so.2, on x86_64 compilation fails as we have 
seen with "undefined reference to `res_search'". Using __res_search (); 
instead of res_search (); in conftest.c works and ldd shows that 
/lib64/libresolv.so.2 is taken.

I found a reference to this in the change log of 1.2.10:

2003-05-15 15:51  shadow

	* acinclude.m4, src/cf/ressearch.m4: DELTA
	STABLE12-autoconf-deal-with-res-search-as-macro-20030428 AUTHOR
	shadow@dementia.org FIXES
	on some platforms, res_search is a macro for __res_search, find it

Probably this patch needs to be "expanded" for x86_64?