[OpenAFS] is it possible to have two network cards?

Rogelio Bazán Reyes rogbazan@santander.com.mx
Thu, 15 Jan 2004 10:12:19 -0600

Hi, we have to move our dbservers and file servers from one site to 
another...and thus, the ip adresses must change. The fileservers are not 
the problem....but the dbservers do.
the question:
is it possible to have two network cards, and have clients with its 
configuration file pointing to one address and others pointing to the 
new ip addresses?
This is because all of our clients have their own configuration files, 
and we have at least 1000 clients. When the dbservers will move to the 
alternate site, the clients will not access afs service.
Does anybody have any idea?
thanx a lot

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