[OpenAFS] dated transarc to openafs migration

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Sun, 18 Jan 2004 12:16:05 -0800

Generic PC based IDE raid systems are cheaper yet. Check out the Promise =
HighPoint PCI RAID cards.

I've been running 2 Promise FastTrak66 cards for 4 years on 2K boxes. =
raid NTFS filesystems survived some pretty severe OS crashes.=20

I have just added half a terabyte of AFS using HPT cards to 2 linux =
Libsafe needs to be added before the AFS ports are exposed to the net.


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> I've got a number of Solaris 2.6 machines running very dated =
> file servers. How ugly is the prospect of adding OpenAFS 1.2.11 =
> (on either Solaris 2.8 or Redhat 9) to the mix? Short of the 01/10/04
> bugs, its been relatively stable so I'm reluctant to touch much.

> There's an awful lot of bug fixes we're missing out on, but there's a =
> amount of changes between where we are and current releases, so I'm =
> sure how safe it is to introduce newer version servers..

   Thanks to the 2^30 bug we are running a mixed cell.
   We (obviously) started with OpenAFS on the DB servers,
   and are adding fileservers 1 by 1 (we hope to avoid
   downtime by shuffling to make empty fileservers 1 by 1).
   We are not too far in the process yet, but have seen
   no problems so far.  We have several variants of Tru64
   and Solaris on our servers and I am experimenting with
   PC/SATA-based servers (probably running NetBSD) because
   they are so much less costly.

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