[OpenAFS] OpenAFS + Linux +XP

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Thu, 22 Jan 2004 08:03:54 -0800

Samba 3.2.x will allow you to grab all the user/group accounts from your =
domain server using winbindd

Why not set AFS up with a script to add the users, etc. and the AFS
directories will appear as windows shares?

Samba works great inside a firewall but there are constant attacks on =
137-139 - read the packet log..

There's also an afs share and afs username map in SAMBA/SWAT but I have
never used it.

Has anyone else tried?


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Hi People

Sofar i'm running OpenAFS + Linux clients with very few problems.
Everything is working nicely, and i'm real pleased with the system.

But now it's time to add Windows XP clients too and i'm not so sure
how to to this.  If somebody could give me some good pointers it would =
very welcome.

As far as i know:
* I cannot use the Windows AFS client because i need countless local XP=20
* I therefor have to use SAMBA as an AFS gateway
* I need windows roaming profiles
* and a NT domain
* with plain text passwords

Correct? ( I'm no windows buff.)

TWiki.afslore mentions several flavours of samba,  'samba --with-pam',=20
'samba --with-afs', 'ksamba', etc.
Which one should i pick? The server side runs on RedHat 9 exclusively.

Is it possible at all to have a stable configuration with this setup?

Any and all help is much appreciated,

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