[OpenAFS] Linux 2.6 support

chas williams (contractor) chas@cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Mon, 07 Jun 2004 07:54:30 -0400

the cvs head of the 1.3 should build a working kernel on a stock
2.6 kernel distribution (it wont have pag support unless you patch
the 2.6 kernel to export the sys call table though and on some of
the non-i386 arches its also marked readonly which would also need
to be changed).

In message <40C4530F.6030900@ics.muni.cz>,Miroslav Ruda writes:
> can someone from openafs developers summarize current status of linux 2.6 sup
>Several months ago I have read that some groups are working on port for linux 
>2.6, but nothing happend yet. I'm currently testing 64bit linux on Opteron and
> Suse, Gentoo and Fedora supports only 2.6 kernels. I'm fine with patched kern
>el, I don't need run vendor 
>kernel. I cannot believe that all sites running openafs are still using 2.4 ke
>rnels only :-(
>                  Mirek Ruda 
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