David Botsch dwb7@ccmr.cornell.edu
Thu, 10 Jun 2004 11:48:39 -0400

I should add we've been unable to manually make this happen (and do not 
know for sure it is afs causing it).

1.2.8a on the clients and the servers are 1.3.3 (straight from the MIT 

It is a version 4 request.

On 2004.06.10 11:40 Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> This would clearly be the result of a very bad coding error. What 
> version of the client is on the machines which is producing this 
> request?
> Is it a Kerberos 5 or Kerberos 4 request?
> Jeffrey Altman
> David Botsch wrote:
>> Fascinating.
>> We have also noted, since upgrading to kerb5 (yes, it worked!) in 
>> our kerberos kdc logs, something strange:
>> attempts to authenticate as principal:
>> localwindowsusernameWINDOWSNETBIOSNAMElocalwindowspass
>> sometimes some junk follows the pass, sometimes not. Sometimes the 
>> instance portion of the principal is set to "4".
>> Any ideas?
>> We've seen this for a couple users on a couple of computers we don't 
>> manage as also for user SMSCliToknAcct on a few of the computers we 
>> do manage (all running 1.2.8a client).
>> Thanks.

David William Botsch
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