[OpenAFS] defaults for winclients

Rodney M Dyer rmdyer@uncc.edu
Wed, 16 Jun 2004 12:50:37 -0400


At 10:44 AM 6/16/2004, Brian Jones wrote:
>are there any situations where accepting the default options when 
>installing the openafs client for windows (1.3.64) are not recommended?  i 
>think enabling afs crypt security and the freelance client are currently 
>both selected.

The current available client OpenAFS 1.3.6400 has two known issues.  The 
Freelance option works for most sites, except where your site name is 
"uncc".  Is has been recently found in testing that the crypt option is 
problematic on machines where you have P4 hyperthreading enabled.  So from 
what I gather, unless your site is "uncc" and you are running on a 
hyperthreaded processor with hyperthreading turned on, you should be ok 
with these OpenAFS options.

Jeffrey Altman may step in an correct me if I have incorrectly summarized 
these facts.