[OpenAFS] Using DCE as security server for AFS

Douglas E. Engert deengert@anl.gov
Thu, 17 Jun 2004 14:10:58 -0500

We did this years ago, but have droped DCE.

DCE can be uses as a K5 KDC. Then you can use ak5log or gssklog
to get tickets K5 tickets and get them converted to K4for use as an AFS  token.

See: ftp://achilles.ctd.anl.gov/pub/kerberos.v5/README.txt
and the the other files in the directory like: anldce.notes,  k5dce.20010824.tar

Also see any files in: ftp://achilles.ctd.anl.gov/pub/DEE/
and the gssklog-0.11.tar

Timothy Lin wrote:

> Can anyone provide some pointers on how to use existing dce
> infrastructures and make afs to coexist with dfs ?
> I've just spent countless hours browsing and googling and there doesn't
> seem to be a lot of info out there regarding this topic :(

> Thanks.
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