[OpenAFS] KTC_NOCM error on windows startup.

Justice, William (WJJ.) wjustice@ford.com
Fri, 18 Jun 2004 10:50:19 -0400

I installed a clean/stock windows XP box and I don't have the problem.
It is only in my "standard" load that I have the issues, and I am
assuming it has something to do with the policies around RPC services at
this point.  I will try to investigate further, when I have more time...

-- Bill

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jcw@highperformance.net wrote:

> I was really hoping that William was having the same problem as I=20
> have. Everything works fine here, as I last reported, except that=20
> enabling global drive mapping triggers the NOCM errors.  Since William

> didn't have mapping enabled, I was unable to take him down the path to

> a solution that I went.
> BTW William,  you should listen to Jeff before you listen to me.  He=20
> is a developer where I am just a user and a cluebie at that.
> Later,
> Jason C. Wells

There was a race condition associated with the establishment of global=20
drives which was fixed
post-1.3.64.  Please try one of the daily builds and see if it indeeds=20
solves your problem.
Or does not make it worse.

Jeffrey Altmna