[OpenAFS] need help tuning openafs

Wes Chow wes@woahnelly.net
Sat, 4 Sep 2004 01:04:02 -0400

> The Cache Truncation daemon (which only calls itself cachetrim on linux) 
> will:
> drop stuff when the cache is "too full"
> clean up any cache chunks which were "discarded" but not already freed.

These clients have completely clean caches though...

After 12 straight hours of messing with this stuff, I've thrown in the
towel for now.  The only thing I've determined is that if the
cachesize in /etc/openafs/cacheinfo is less than roughly 20 GB,
everything appears to work.  Starting at roughly 30 GB, afs_cachetrim
goes wild and enters some sort of infinite loop after afsd has
finished creating its directory structure.

I really need to get this resolved asap, so any hints as to what to
look for would be greatly appreciated.  I would also pay consulting
fees to get somebody on the phone or IRC to get more realtime
debugging tips, so if that's a feasible option, let me know



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