[OpenAFS] Commercial use of OpenAFS ?

EC wingman@waika9.com
Tue, 7 Sep 2004 16:02:03 +0200

>>>>>>>"Derek" == Derek Atkins <warlord@MIT.EDU> writes:
>>Derek> There are some companies in New York that would claim
>>Derek> emphatically "yes, it's stable enough".
>>Well, one of those companies will say so, but with a few important
>>Morgan Stanley's use of AFs does NOT include such large volumes, and
>>in fact, we are deprecating the use of AFS for RW data on large scale,
>>and encourging users to use NFS/SAN solutions instead.
>What problems have you been encountering?

Linux Crash...
Tests done on LFS 5.1.1 (2.4.27 kernel + libata patch, with or without
grsecurity patch). I use a diskless client configuration, no swap, ~200MB
for the system (total 2GB RAM), AFS cache is 25MB. I tried to move around a
1,5GB file inside the afs directory. Never finished the move. AFS client /
Linux hangs, and I have reboot the system.

Haven't done much more tests for the moment.

I will very soon make more tests, in order to keep or avoid AFS in our
system (which will use it very heavily, if chosen).