[OpenAFS] [Fwd: MIT Kerberos for Windows 2.6.5 is released]

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@columbia.edu
Sat, 18 Sep 2004 15:58:37 -0400

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For those who are using KFW in conjunction with OpenAFS for Windows.

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The MIT Kerberos Team announces the availability of MIT Kerberos for
Windows 2.6.5.

The distribution packages and Release Notes are available from the
download link on the MIT Kerberos distribution page,


The main MIT Kerberos web page is


Summary of changes since KfW 2.6.4:

* Correct incompatibility between Kerberos 5 MSLSA krb5_ccache and
  Windows 2000 (introduced in 2.6.4)

* Kerberos 5 library updated to release 1.3.5.

* Add a new MSI based installation option for organizations which need
  to distribute KFW via group policy.
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