[OpenAFS] aklog error on Windows

Robbie Foust rfoust@duke.edu
Wed, 22 Sep 2004 10:19:20 -0400


These machines don't have offline folders configured.  They do have the 
"My Documents" pointing to an afs drive letter, but it isn't configured 
as an offline folder.

Anything I can do to try and determine what is causing it to fail?


- Robbie

Jeffrey Altman wrote:

> The error means the Cache Manager cannot be reached.
> This is usually because the pioctl() function is failing.
> These days I have only seen this problem in conjunction with the use
> of Windows Offline Folders for AFS mounted directories.
> FYI, it don't work.
> Jeffrey Altman
> Robbie Foust wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We're still seeing a few weird problems on lab machines here.  Can 
>> someone tell me what this error number means when running "aklog -4" 
>> on Windows XP?  If aklog -4 is run 2 or 3 more times, it eventually 
>> gets tickets.  This is with AFS 1.3.71 and KFW 2.6.4 (also happens 
>> with 2.6.5).
>> aklog: unable to obtain tokens for cell acpub.duke.edu (status: 
>> 11862791).
>> In addition to that, sometimes tokens will spontaneously be dropped a 
>> minute or two after they have been obtained.  Any idea what might 
>> cause that?
>> Thanks,
>> - Robbie

Robbie Foust, IT Analyst
OIT - Administrative Information Support
Duke University