[OpenAFS] Problem: OpenAFS 1.3.71, WinXP SP2, libafsconf.dll

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Tue, 28 Sep 2004 08:57:34 -0800

Win 2K and later is supposed to use the correct dll regardless.

That problem is called "dll hell".

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Make sure all the directories in your PATH environment variable are =

If you are using integrated login and the AFS Client Service has not
started, you would not be given a "wrong password" dialog.  You would be
given a dialog described that fact that the AFS Client Service could not =
started.  Therefore, I assume the AFS Client Service has been started.

If all the PATH entries are valid, perhaps you have two versions of AFS
installed on your machine and the wrong DLLs are being loaded.
There should be one and only one copy of libafsconf.dll and it should =
in the \Program Files\OpenAFS\Client\Program directory.

Jeffrey Altman

Lars Schimmer wrote:

> Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> | What makes you think that the libafsconf.dll file cannot be found?
> There's a requester that shows this message :-) Installed with=20
> loopback device, use integrated logon, login error: wrong password=20
> (yes, they are different), tehen after login the afs client don't run, =

> start with the startmenu =3D error message AFS Service don't run, try =
> start it: it can't be started. Try to configure =3D> error
> requester: libafsconf.dll can't be found.
> | Jeffrey Altman
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> Lars
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